Working with the Care Inspectorate

This section explains the role of the Care Inspectorate in regulating and supporting the improvement of your service.

You will find the following resource useful.

I am aware that registration as a childminder is not guaranteed and I will need to demonstrate that I have the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude to become registered and maintain my registration with the Care Inspectorate
The registration process is designed to ensure that only people who are deemed suitable to work with children are registered as childminders. The purpose of this resource is to help you decide if childminding is right for you before you apply and to support you to develop your service if you decide to go ahead
I am aware of the legal definition of a childminder and I will be required to register with the Care Inspectorate
You will find the legal definition in section one of this publication.

It is important you are aware of this definition before you apply for registration.

I am aware I will be required to hold a PVG membership and every adult in my home will require a Disclosure Scotland Check
You (and others) are required to hold a PVG membership to check you are not barred from working with children. It is important to consider what these checks might mean for you and your family. If offences appear on any Disclosure Scotland check these may need to be discussed with the registration inspector. PVG membership will need to be updated regularly.
I am aware of Scotland's Health and Social Care Standards which will underpin the work I will do
The standards should guide all of the work you do with children. The principles that underpin them are Dignity and Respect, Compassion, Be included, Responsive Care and Support and Wellbeing. More information about these can be found here
I am aware of the possible timescale that my application to register may take
You will need to become a member of the PVG, supply a medical reference from your doctor and obtain references all of which may take several weeks to be received by the Care Inspectorate. In most cases a decision about registration will take around three months. You should plan the start date of your business accordingly.
I am aware there are various ways in which childminding can be provided
Consider which type of registration suits your circumstances and plans before you apply. You can find information about the different ways childminding services can be registered in the following document under the section “Various ways in which childminding can be provided.”

You could also plan to work full or part time, or provide term time and/or holiday care. You may feel more comfortable working with younger children, or with school age children. Childminders are normally registered to care for no more than six children under the age of 12.

Of those six children:
• no more than three have not yet started primary school
and of those six children:
• no more than one is under the age of 12 months.

These numbers include the childminder’s own children. Being aware of this guidance will help you plan your service.

I am aware that if I need any help with my application to become a childminder I can contact the Care Inspectorate for help and advice.
The Care Inspectorate Contact Centre will be able to help guide you through the process of applying to register. You can ask for help with the online application or ask any specific questions you have about your service. You can contact them on 0345 600 9527 or
I am aware the role of the Care Inspectorate is to work with me to ensure positive outcomes for children in my care and that the processes that I am asked to follow are to support this
The Care Inspectorate is there to scrutinise the care you provide and to help you to improve, if required. They will be looking at the outcomes for the children in your care. They will do this though discussion with you, observing you and talking with parents, carers and children. Inspections will focus on the experiences the children have. What are they doing, how are they doing it and how do they feel about it?
I am aware I will need to know the content of the Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland (Requirements for Care Services) Regulations 2011
This document sets out the requirements for registration and who may not apply to register a care service. You should read this before making an application for registration.

This can be found on the Care Inspectorate website

You can also find this information here

I am aware I will be required to have policies and procedures in place which support the care I give and help ensure positive outcomes for children
Policies and procedures support the work you do in enabling positive outcomes for children. These will outline what the children can expect whilst in your care and are also useful documents to share with parents and carers to explain your service. Information regarding this can be found at ‘The documents you have to give us’ in this document here
I am aware references will be required as part of the application to register process
We will ask you to provide two referees as part of your application for registration. We will ask these referees to provide statements regarding your suitability to work with children. This will help us assess if you are a suitable candidate to become a childminder. Consider who would be the best people to provide these references and ask them to provide them as soon as they can.
I am aware that I will be inspected by the Care Inspectorate in my home, or anywhere else I work with the children in my care
The Care Inspectorate aims to ensure quality care. The best way for us to do this is to observe you in your normal working environments with the children. Our inspectors will also want to speak to the children and their parents about their experiences.