Starting to Childmind

Now that you are up and running as a childminder, this section of the Your Childminding Journey has been written to support you to develop your business in order to deliver the best outcomes for children.
It is divided into four sections;

Working with children – this section focusses on how you will develop a high quality childminding service which provides the best possible outcomes for children.

Working with the Care Inspectorate – this section supports you to know and understand the role of the care inspectorate

Working with families – this section looks at how you can develop the relationships with the families of the children you care for in a supportive and professional manner.

Running a professional service – this section of the pathway has been written by a business advisor to support you with the development of your service as a small business.

Click on a statement to find additional information in the drop down box along with some questions to consider. These questions are designed to help you to reflect on how you provide your unique service.

In this level you will also find drop down links to the Wellbeing indicators, Health and Social Care Standards and the SSSC Codes of Practice. We have made these links so that you can see where the statements relate to other quality indicators you will be working with. We hope this will help you to demonstrate the quality of service you are providing to a range of organisations and individuals.