Developing my childminding practice

This has been written to support you in your career development and the development of your business. You could use it to help identify your training needs, to help you to reflect on and evaluate your business and support you to continue to provide the best quality outcomes for children. It is divided into three sections;

Working with children – this section focuses on how you will develop and maintain a high quality childminding service which provides the best possible outcomes for children.

Working with families – this section looks at how you can develop the relationships with the families of the children you care for in a supportive and professional manner.

Running a Professional service – this section helps support you in maintaining and developing your childminding business

Each of the quality statements is linked to the Health and Social Care Standards, the SSSC Codes of Practice and the Education Scotland Quality Indicators. This is to help demonstrate the breadth of care that you provide and to show where you are meeting a variety of quality standards as well as meeting the needs of the children in your care. You could choose to gather evidence of your practice to use in self-evaluation and this evidence could be used across these indicators.