Running a Professional Service


I am confident my behaviour, actions and environment all reflect a professional but friendly service

The information I produce is easy to find and is accessible, clear and concise.

The social media sites I use are professional in nature.

The communication methods I use are clear and use professional language

Reflective questions…

What standards of behaviour do I set for myself?

How do I reflect on these standards effectively, taking into account feedback from others?

I am confident that I can build on my reputation to attract new business

I seek regular feedback from children and parents and I review this and act upon it

I seek feedback from prospective and new parents about how they heard about my service in order to monitor the effectiveness of my marketing and promotion.

I retain and analyse information regarding referrals and the effectiveness of my marketing.

Reflective questions…

What methods do I use to gain feedback from parents and carers and how do I know this is effective?

How well do I use this information in order to inform my marketing strategy?

I am confident I know where I can find the advice needed to consider any development or expansion.

I have a development plan in place which has clear objectives which are reviewed regularly.

I am aware of local business support agencies.

Reflective questions…

How well do I reflect on my business plan to ensure my business model is robust and can develop according to changing circumstances within Early Learning and Childcare in Scotland?


I am confident that I am proactive in keeping my knowledge, policies and practices up to date and in line with legislation and best practice

I have a system of regularly updating my knowledge and practice (for example membership of relevant organisations, regular reviewing of newsletters, magazines etc.)

I have a Personal Development Plan in place which I regularly review, taking into consideration feedback from others.

Reflective questions…

How do I find out what’s new, has changed or is relevant to my career?

How do I record any developmental activities and how well do these records show reflection on my practice?

I am confident that, if I chose to be a member of a local childminders group, I can make valuable contributions and am able to demonstrate how this has helped me develop my practice

I have recorded any contributions I have made to local groups.

I have reflected on these and shown how this has improved outcomes for children.

Reflective questions…
How effectively do I contribute to any local groups or networks? How do I know this?

I am confident that I can help support other local childminders

I reflect on any support or advice I have given and how this has helped support others to improved outcomes for children

Reflective questions…
How actively do I support other childminders?

How do I know if this support is effective?

I am confident I can access specialised training if I require it

I regularly review my practice and can identify my own training needs based on best practice.

I have information regarding a range of training agencies which I can access.

Reflective questions…
How do I know what is considered to be best practice?

How well do I reflect on this and use it to inform my own practice whilst providing the best possible outcomes for children?

I am confident I can use national guidance and relevant professional learning resources and tools to reflect on, plan and improve my service

I am aware of the range of national guidance and professional learning resources available to me

I gather evidence to demonstrate training I have attended, and I have reflected on this to identify my future training needs.

Reflective questions…
Which national guidance is most appropriate for me to use?

How do I demonstrate that my practice has improved as a result?

What else could I do to improve my service based on this guidance?

I am confident I have the skills to build effective relationships with partnership organisations

I actively seek opportunities to engage with other agencies.

I engage in professional dialogue with others.

Reflective questions…
What do I know about potential partnership opportunities and how we could work together in the best interests of the children?

I am confident I can demonstrate what I do well and what I can do to improve my service to achieve positive outcomes for children

I have gathered a variety of evidence which demonstrates reflection on practice and identifies my learning and development goals

A variety of methods and sources of feedback is used.

I regularly review my learning and development goals

Reflective questions…
What methods do I use to evaluate my service and how do I know these are effective?

How do I know if I am making progress toward improving my business and making a positive contribution to children’s lives?

I am confident that I am able to look after my own health and wellbeing and that I have a good work/life balance

I have clearly defined working and non-working hours.

I reflects on work/life balance in a positive manner.

“As a childminder working at home, it is very easy to let work take over – especially if you do paperwork or cleaning at night because you are looking after children all day”.

Reflective questions…
What do I actively do to look after my own health and wellbeing?

What methods do I use to review my work/life balance?

I am confident that I can apply my knowledge of the range of curriculum frameworks which support high quality Early Learning and Childcare