Working with Families

This section looks at the unique relationship you will be building with parents and carers and identifies some of the issues you may face.


I am aware that all families will differ in terms of their attitudes and expectations of care
Each family you will work with is unique. They will vary in terms of culture, background and their experiences. Some families may need support from you, others may not. It is important that you consider each family’s circumstances to provide the best possible support. You may need to consider adapting your approach to meet the differing needs of families.
I am aware of the need to balance the needs of my own family with the needs of my business
If you have any family members living at home, will they be involved with the business? Even if they are not helping care for the children there is likely to be impact on them Discuss with them how things may change when you start minding children in your home. Be sure to listen to any concerns and suggestions and keep reviewing how they are feeling.


I am aware that I will need to be clear with families about expectations and boundaries
You will need to clearly set out the hours and rates for your service. You will also need to be clear with parents about the type of care you will be giving. It is good practice to talk through your expectation as well as those of the parents and carers, before you enter into a contract of service. Listen to parents and carers and respect their wishes, accommodate these if you can, but also be clear about what you are prepared to offer. It can be helpful to talk to other childminders to reflect on their experiences.

I am aware I will need to create policies and procedures to help families understand the type of service I will provide
Having a clear aim for your service will help guide you in developing and reviewing your service and will help families understand what you offer. All policies should be user friendly and highlight how they support providing the best outcomes for children.


I am aware that I will have access to sensitive information about families which I must keep confidential
Parents and Carers may share sensitive information with you about their family situation. You will need to consider how you talk to your friends and family about your business without giving away personal information about the children and families in your care. You will also need to be aware of when you need to pass on information about children where there are concerns about their safety or development.

To find out more about confidentiality and handling sensitive information it is strongly recommended that you undertake induction training. This will give you an opportunity to discuss situations which may arise and how to handle these. You can find out about induction training via SCMA or your local authority.