Childminders play an important role in the lives of thousands of children across Scotland, helping ensure they get the best start in life. Your Childminding Journey is designed to inspire childminders and support high quality services, experiences, and outcomes for all children.

For anyone who is thinking of choosing childminding as a career, the introductory level of Your Childminding Journey provides information and advice about what it can be like to work as a new childminder, and what you can expect. Your Childminding Journey also supports established childminders in their structured professional development.

Your Childminding Journey would not have been so successful without the involvement and collaboration of childminders from across Scotland. I am grateful for the valuable input from the broad and diverse group of childminders who have been actively and enthusiastically involved at every single stage of this project. The feedback and contributions have been positive and encouraging and have shaped the content and development of this online resource, produced for childminders with great involvement from childminders.

Your Childminding Journey has also been developed in collaboration with the early learning and childcare sector, including the Scottish Childminding Association, the Care and Learning Alliance, the Association of Directors of Education, the Scottish Social Services Council, and Education Scotland. We also actively involved parents and carers and I am delighted to know that their response to the resource has been overwhelmingly positive.

Your Childminding Journey is not an inspection tool; instead, it aims to support childminders to identify the knowledge, skills and understanding required to provide the best outcomes for children. Your Childminding Journey brings together, into one accessible place, information about the new Health and Social Care Standards, the SHANARRI wellbeing indicators, and other important practice tools for childminders.

No matter what stage of your childminding career you are at, I hope Your Childminding Journey will help you reflect on your service, and identify areas of good practice and any areas for improvement. This will contribute to positive outcomes for children and help meet their needs.

Your Childminding Journey is part of the Scottish Government’s blueprint to expand early learning and childcare by 2020, which is something that childminders can play a role in delivering, especially for children who may benefit from a homely environment.

I hope you enjoy reading Your Childminding Journey and find it helpful.

Karen Reid
Chief Executive